Course Ministry brings you a range of economical plans to make learning more convenient and accessible for all keen learners and professionals. Upskill your professional credits with our exciting plans. Delve into these plans and pick the best fit according to your preferences.

  • Regular Plan – With the affordable price of $299, you get unlimited live and recorded access to three streaming webinars with the facilitation of course material and certifications.
  • Standard Plan – Our $499 plan gives learners unlimited access to five streaming sessions via live and recorded mediums. For an add-on, you will get e-transcripts of courses and access to download them and indulge in learning whenever it suits you.
  • Business Plan – The $799 plan allows the learner to access seven streaming courses via live and recorded mediums. The perks associated with the course are similar to the standard ones.
  • Premium Plan – With our ultimate $999-course plan, the learner gets annual access to ten streaming courses, including all the perks similar to the business plans.



1. How can I opt for the webinar under the Regular/Standard/Business/Premium plan?

Once you sign up for any packages, our webinar team will email you the webinar list. You have to reply to that email with the webinar title. We will email you the webinar instruction kit for joining the live email 24 hours before the class.

2. How Will I obtain the recorded class/download course/ e-transcript?      

We will give you access to the recorded class/download course/e-transcript within 24-48 hours of the live class.

3. Will you email me the recorded class? Or Will you give access to the link in our account?

We will email the recording link to your registered email address. Apart from that, we will also give you access to the link in your account.

4. If I wish to select a “pre-recorded” webinar, can we do that? Or If so, then, when we can have the pre-recorded” session?

Yes, if you wish to select for the pre-recorded class. You can do that. And, you can have the recorded class right away (Once you reply to our email).

5. How long can I get access to the recorded class/download course/ e-transcript?

There will be no expiration date for the recorded class/download course/ e-transcript.

6. Can I customize the subscription plan?

Yes, you can customize your plan. For that, you have to email us at support@courseministry.com

7. How will I receive my credentials and certificate of participation?

We will email you the credentials and “certificate of attendance” 24 hours after the live class.

8. Can I swap my training? If later, I realize I want to attend the other online training.

Yes, you can do that. However, for that, you have to email us at support@courseministry.com

9. Will I get any additional resources? 

Yes, you will get the handouts for the webinar.

10. Can I cancel my plan? 

No, Once you select any plan, you can’t cancel it.

11. Can I swap my plan? 

Yes, you can. However, for that you have to email the support team to support@courseministry.com